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Mini Massage Gun

Mini Massage Gun

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Meet the Mini Massage Gun, your new daily companion for relieving muscle fatigue and soreness. With a mighty power of 190mNm, this tool effectively aids muscle and fascia relaxation, making it ideal for everyday relaxation or fitness-oriented facial massages.

Despite its mini size, this massage gun packs a punch with its high-speed, 2500 rpm motor. This allows for a deep penetration into muscle groups, reaching depths of up to 6mm. The result? A marked improvement in local blood circulation.

Equipped with three professional massage heads, this device is flexible enough to meet the needs of various muscle groups. The spherical head caters to larger muscles, such as those found in the shoulders, lower back, arms, buttocks, and legs. The U-shaped head is perfect for areas around the lower back, the sides of the spine, and the calves. And for generalized muscle relaxation, the flat head is your go-to option.

The Mini Massage Gun offers three scientifically backed massage modes designed to professionally care for muscle health. The first gear operates at 1600 rpm to relieve stress and fatigue, while the second gear, running at 2000 rpm, enhances deep muscle activity. The third gear, working at a speedy 2500 rpm, ensures optimal exercise relaxation.

This device is powered by a 2600mAh lithium battery. If you're using the first mode for a 10-minute massage session each day, you can expect approximately 35 days of usage. And to ensure you're never caught short, the Mini Massage Gun features a universal Type-C fast-charging interface for easy charging and use anytime, anywhere. Say goodbye to power-related worries and hello to muscle relief!

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